We are a team of Doers who enjoy building and attempting to do things not done before.

Angeline Deepak

Community Director

Chandan S

CPO & Co-Founder

Cincy Alexander

Vice President-Operations

Divya Chethan


Gautam Sinha

CEO & Co-Founder

Karunjay Anand

CTO & Co-Founder

Namratha Rao

Director-Program Delivery

Praneet Mokkapati

Director - Machine Learning

Ravi Jodidar

Head - Finance & Accounting

Sanjeev Punwani

COO & Co-Founder

Sanju Paulose

Commercial Director

Abhi Shekhar

System Engineer

Dheeraj Jha

Product Engineer

Himanil Gole

Lead UI/UX Designer

Ishaan Abhinav

UI Engineer

Javeriya Zaki

Product Engineer

Kavita Ramnani

Manager - Enterprise

Manoj Choudhary

Product Engineer

Manuj Sharma

Tech Lead

Mohammed Sarvar

Operations Analyst

Munna Dey

Operations Analyst

Rajni Kumari

Manager Testing

Rishabh D

Product Engineer

Ruchimay Verma

Product Engineer

Sanjeevani Keshav

Director Growth - India and South East Asia

Suruchi Anand


Abhijit D Ghosh

Founder & CEO, Seventh Edge

Channel Partner

Anupam Vyas

Founder & CEO, Search Managers

Channel Partner

Brad Turner

CEO, eCoast Marketing

Channel Partner

Muthukrishnan C



Pratik Kumar

CEO, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering


Praveen Rane

Partner - Investment and Alliances

Vikram Chachra

Founder & CEO, 8i Ventures


Vivek Nambiar

Business Development Partner.

Collectively we have 100+ years of experience in running highly successful recruitment firms. We have managed hiring of 50k+ employees including 10 Fortune 500 clients. Spanning IT Staffing, RPO, MSP and Expat hiring.

Our Raison d'être  (reason for being)

The Recruitment industry is ripe for disruption. And we are bringing about a massive change with an AI-driven Vendor Marketplace across the globe.

For the Hiring companies, the pain in dealing with multiple 3rd party sourcing companies restricts their access points and the absence of reliable vendor assessment technology restricts their engagements to a "hit and trial". The problems only aggravate while expanding to new skills and locations.

On the other side of the market, Sourcing candidates is essentially an individual skill. And the rockstar sourcers would prefer to work for themselves to maximize their earnings.However, location and networks represent the biggest barrier to acquire business.

CBREX fills all these critical market gaps.

We have built a massive vendor pool which is growing daily. We have created the worlds first "AI driven vendor assessment" technology which identifies the most specialized set of vendors available for each requirement.

Every small or large client is now able to tap in to a pool of thousands of specialist vendors on-demand. And thousands of small recruitment firms are now servicing large clients they would never have direct access to.

CBREX is changing the recruitment landscape which works better for both the employers and recruiting firms. And in turn for the candidates.


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How to apply?

If you are looking to be part of an innovative idea that is scaling rapidly, you will fit in well here.

Drop us an email at work@cbr.exchange and we will get in touch with you.
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