How it works Benefits
Post a Job

The jobs is posted or pulled from your ATS

Let Coco, our AI, do the magic

Coco watches which skill & location every Agency is good at & assigns jobs to the best suited Agencies

Agencies upload screened & verified talent

All profiles undergo 3 levels of screening before reaching you

Use Ctalk, our 5-in-1 Engagement tool

Review profiles, engage with recruiters & schedule interviews

Data & Reports

Manage data, extract trackers and reports using Ctalk


as per the agreed terms upon the candidate joining

Wide Reach

Expand your vendor pool at will, by accessing the largest base of curated recruitment agencies across the globe

All Jobs, One platform

Fulfill all your Generic, Niche & Search jobs, anywhere in the world through a single platform

Quick Turn Around

Start receiving screened resumes within hours of posting jobs

Premium Resume Quality

Resumes screened at 3 levels, giving you access to the best verified talent

Close more hires by spending lesser time

CTalk, our 5 in 1 engagement tool makes it super simple/easy for recruiters to manage their workflow

Digital Vendor Management System / Digital VMS

Enjoy better selection ratios, while managing all your vendor hiring through one platform. Also, bid adieu to your administrative overheads